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    Welcome to the Magic Red Rocks of Sedona!

    Who is ready for an adventure?




  • Taken by Shaune, one of Renta Tent's Happy Campers

  • Gobble Gobble-Notes for November 2019

    I am not taking camping rental bookings that START Nov 27th,28th and 29th. You can still book consultations only at that time.


    It is stunning now in Sedona! An ideal time of year to camp and hike in the red rocks.

    Come on up for your Sedona outdoor journey. Bring a sense of adventure and warm clothes to snuggle into at night.


    1.This fall I will only be accepting 4 parties of camping gear rental check ins per day due to my schedule with other events.While you are welcome to check last minute for availability you may want to book early to avoid disappointment.
    2. Camping checkins are ONLY by appointment. 
    3. If you have your own gear and are interested in a camping consultation, please text first initially and do so on the date you are ready to send payment and book the consultation.
    I do not offer free consultations. Please see FAQ about camping consultations below.

  • Whats included, whats not and whats extra?

    Your gear includes a 2 or 3 person tent, sleeping bag(s), sleeping pad(s)( not air mattresses),and pillow( your one luxury item). I will also throw in a heat pack for each booked camper.

    This is basic gear, not high end gear. You will have what you need but won't be renting $500 sleeping bags.

    The price is $60 for two people for the first night. Any additional people are $15 each. The second night is $10 less. Single campers are $50 for the first night and $40 for additional nights.

    Again, there is NO FEE for the campsites. They are the best most epic spots of free, legal, dispersed camping.

    Your gear does NOT include any cooking gear. We recommend some yummy take out options in Sedona!

    Please bring a headlamp or flashlight.

    Request camping chairs and I may toss them in free.

    You do need to leave a fully refundable cash or Paypal deposit for gear rental. Heat packs are easy to lose as they are small and are $15 each if they are not returned.





  • You just need to find out the lowdown on where to camp and hike in Sedona. For campers & hikers who want a quality curated adventure.

    FAQ- Please read.
    Q. I am pretty busy. I don't really want to bother to read your FAQS. Can I just call you and you will tell me all this by phone or text?
    A.I do not mean to appear rude when I send you to the FAQS. I do this because I want to ensure that you understand what you are booking and to make sure its a good fit for you.After you read it is the best time to connect.
    Q.What if I have my OWN GEAR?
    Book a camping consultation. Once you book send me your email address. Then I will zap over some cool audio files with camping directions, hiking and food tips. Once you review you can call me and we will go over everything and I will answer any further questions.
    Price is $29. My Paypal address is doornumberthreefilms@yahoo.com
    I do not book consultations on Airbnb.
    Q.Will you do my consultation free?
    A.No. Sorry. Please only call or text if this is a service you want to pay for.
    Q.What is the consultation?
    A.I send you audio files with camping info, directions and local tips. Once you listen we'll speak by phone and I'll assist you with your camping/activity trip planning and any special requests. I happen to know the sweet spots off the radar.I'm a avid hiker who has hiked over 135 of the trails..Let's just say camping/hiking wise in Sedona- you are hooked up. I also give you hiking and local food tips/ shower options/ spa recommendations. You can even ask me about other areas in Arizona for camping.
    Q. But I found you on Airbnb! I want to keep chatting with you on there!
    Airbnb does not allow me to book consultations only on the site. If you insist on continuing to communicate on Airbnb instead of by texting 5056920644 or emailing doornumberthreefilms@yahoo.com unfortunately I will not be able to assist you.
    Q.Can we meet for the consultation?
    A.Generally, no we don't need to meet. However you can text me during your Sedona visit with further questions and I will get back to you.
    Q.Will you set up my camping gear/go out and save me a spot?
    A.Most of the spots I recommend are free, legal, first come first serve spots. I do not drive out and save them for you.
    Q.$29 seems like too much!
    A.The camping spots are free and I'll give you expert advice on how to craft a super fun trip, you will find scenic spots you will not find without me. But if you don't feel it looks like a good value, perhaps my service is not for you. That's ok. I realize my service is not for everyone.
    Q. Is this all car camping?
    A. Most of my guests do camp right next to their car. But I am now offering a great selection of walk in sites.. You need to walk your gear between 1 block and 1/4 mile in for more secluded sites. These sites are ONLY recommended seeking in the daylight. I also can offer a couple of tips about backpacking adventures in the area.
    Q. Should I call you so we can chat for a while first even though I'm not going camping and don't want to book for a few months?
    A. No, I think you should be able to find all relevant info on this website. I'm pretty busy with booked guests and scavenger hunts.
    Q.How fast do you work if I book your consultation?
    A.Fast. Like normally within a couple hours.As soon as possible. I do care about providing a quality service at a fair value. However, I do turn off my phone for an hour and hike in off grid areas so if its off you may not get an immediate response.
    Q.I have specific needs such as a grassy field to camp, electricity, being in walking distance of town, someone to set up my tent or an exact view from one of your photos. I would also like you to include firewood in the price.
    Is your service a good fit for me?
    A. No. My service is to tell you all the available LEGAL options in the area. Camping in town is not legal, there are zero grassy fields and the camp sites I refer people to are primitive camping. If you have highly specific needs, Sedona camping is unlikely to meet those requirements as far as camping options. Firewood is not included.
    Q. I want to move to Sedona and live in the forest. Can you help me with that?
    A. No, my service is for short term visitors to the area. Camping over 14 days is illegal and I don't recommend it.
    Q. Where do I take showers?
    A. I do have a list of 4 paid shower options I give my booked guests.. and I just found out a free one.. you have to sign up for this business online less than 2 weeks before your trip but you can take a FREE SHOWER there.. woohoo!
    Q. What is your most important tip?
    A. Ok here is a free one for you, consultation or no. Find your campsite in the daylight. Have a fun adventure seeking your perfect site. Its much harder and not as fun and sites are not easy to see in the dark. Its often the difference between a fun adventure and a stressful hunt in the dark.
    After years of offering this service I have discovered people's happiness level with this adventure drops from a 9 or 10 to a 2 or 3 when seeking campsites in dark. Its more difficult for you, its a hassle for me and I'm not up late at night to help you, so I currently do not accept gear rental bookings if its a late arrival. Sorry!

    If I am out hiking I may not be in cell phone range.Texting is always better than voice messages. 
    Whats App is a great way to connect.

    Leave No Trace

    Come and enjoy this amazing and magical land and leave it as nice, or even better than you found it.
    Take all trash with you, bury your waste or use the bathroom I point out, and dont cut down any trees.
    Love the land and take care of it for those who follow you.

    Please please please swear

    On your grandma's cat you won't leave any trash!
    Aliens are out making sure that no one leaves any trash or they may beem you up forever!
    Pick up a bag of trash out there and send me a message on Whats App and a photo and Ill send you a free audio story.
  • Road To Your Campsite

  • I didnt think you could camp free in Sedona!

    Yes, it is possible.
    Years ago, most of the camping around Sedona was eliminated. Unfortunately, campers were leaving trash, cutting down trees and in other ways harming the landscape. Now camping is pretty limited but there are some really great and little known options. I'll give you three of them after booking. One requires a four wheel drive/ or high clearance vehicle and is a real adventure( closed in winter for rock slides) The other two can be accessed on dirt roads that are ok for passenger cars, if you drive slow.
    It is NOT LEGAL to camp in city limits and I do not recommend trying it!
    I also also highly recommend abiding by the rules to limit camping in Sedona to 14 days only.

    Soak in the magical energy

    Save the hefty campground fees and sleep in quiet nature rather on the side of the road in a campground in Oak Creek canyon.

    Single Women Camping

    I get a number of single women( some who have never camped) who want to get my feedback on if they should come or not. 
    While I am happy to provide advice and tips while they rent my gear, only the camper herself can decide if this is something within her comfort zone.
    I have hiked long distances and backpacked alone and I feel good about it, and to me this is easy car camping.Yet I realize everyone has different comfort zones.
    Use your intuition. I would say a general rule of thumb for this experience if you are new to it is to ask yourself if you consider yourself an adventurous person and if you want to try new things.Please be aware my phone is off after 8 pm.
  • Do you guarantee we will have a good time?

    I wish I could but it's your adventure! Take a leap of faith, if you have a spirit of adventure. Mother Nature doesnt provide any guarantees!

    However, you can check out over 1200 happy camper reviews on Airbnb.Some are on Google. I sincerely hope you will be one of them!


    Some of my reviews are here but you can find over 1200 on Airbnb along with my Superhost rating.

    a few of my guests had this to say...

    Murat from Turkey:
    Tara is very important person for Sedona. It was my first trip to Sedona and I did the best thing which is star gazing in Sedona through Tara. She gave all stuff for camping and told me the best places. She occasionally sent messages to me about how is going on my adventure. I was alone and it was my first solo camping experience but I never felt alone or desperate thanks for her. I also used her bathroom in her house for only 5 dollars and she also let me use her shampoo. She has peaceful personality and house. Appreciating.

    The Magical Sedona Adventure!

    From Sean From Philadelpia:
    Seriously an experience of a lifetime. I am currently traveling cross country and have seen many national parks and monuments, but Sedona itself and camping out in the desert under the stars was one experience on my trip I'll never forget. This was the first time I have ever camped out solo, especially in on desert in Arizona but Tara from the moment I rented her tent guided me every step of the way. Fairly new to Air B&B, Tara was the most interactive and helpful host. She called me prior to picking everything up, after to see if I was ok and gave me tons of advice on what to see and where to eat in Sedona. She really knows what she is talking about and I had such a great time that I ended up renting the tent for a second night. This just wasn't finding a place to sleep like most Air B&B's, this was an adventure that should be part of anyone's trip when traveling through Sedona.

    Pet friendly

    From Shannon From the Netherlands:
    Tara welcomed us very friendly when we arrived. All the gear was ready to pick up. She gave us instructions how to get to the campingspots and also gave us tips for food, drinks and trips. It was a nice experience. Staying in the middle of nature is a special way to spend the night! Sedona is amazing! Thanks Tara and all the best for you! Friendly regards, Shannon and Norman

    Sedona Happy Camper

    Bernadette from New York:
    Tara was the perfect person to guide us into this journey! I was hesitant to camp alone for the first time, and Tara patiently answered all of my questions and allowed me to make a decision on my own. I ended up having a friend join me, and Tara was super flexible with our late arrival and moved us right along with supplies so that we wouldn't set up in the dark. Her camp site instructions were very clear, found it without a problem, and the tent was super easy to set up (we got lucky and avoided the rain, but she gave us extra tarps and blankets just in case!). We had a beautiful night amongst the stars. Cant thank Tara enough for making this first timer feel so comfortable and secure!

    Tara is your camping concierge.

    A local guide, storyteller and scavenger hunt master, she loves to share Sedona with happy campers!
    Contact her at doornumberthreefilms@yahoo.com
    Texts do get answered sooner than voice messages.505 6920644
  • What is the MOST FUN THING TO DO in Sedona, Jerome, Tucson, Santa Fe, Taos, Kauai, Kona and Grand Canyon?

    Your camping concierge Tara curates creative ( and yet affordable!)adventures in the form of super fun non traditional scavenger hunts.

    Part tour/creative challenge/social experiment/detective adventure this is a super fun way to experience awesome and unique locations!


    Although kids have tons of fun and are welcome to be part of an adult led team these hunts do require energy, focus and using your mind to get this done, much like an Escape Room.


    She curates these adventures in Sedona. Jerome, Grand Canyon,Rocky Point, Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Taos and Santa Fe, Kona and Hanalei.

    Click on over to


    for more info.






    Book your camping dates by paying for the gear rental on PayPal at the time of booking.Be aware that I dont offer refunds based on weather conditions or a family member changing their mind. Also a cash deposit or PayPal deposit of $100 is needed at gear pick up.It will be fully returned upon return if gear is in good shape and returned on time. $15 per hour late fee will be applied to deposit.


    My contact info is text 5056920644.( texting is better than calling)

    or doornumberthreefilms@yahoo.com

    Whats App is also a great way to connect.

    Yes, I do also accept tips if you found this page or my services helpful!